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The Kerala PSC examination is a public service organization and works under the supervision of the Indian constitution. Back in 1956, on 1st November, the government decided to form the organization, and it acts under article 320 (3) of the constitution. Every year Kerala PSC recruits candidates for different posts in civil service. The examination is held in Kerala and not in any other state.

What is the syllabus for KPSC 2021?

Since the new examination pattern was revised and introduced in the last year 2020, there are new updates that you should know. Hence, it is important for the aspirants to keep checking the new update and prepare themselves accordingly. Here is the basic Kerala PSC syllabus that you should know.

  • Politics of post-independent India.
  • Knowledge regarding the heritage of India with emphasis on the 20th
  • Present economic background of India.
  • Environmental issues as well as developmental aspects.
  • Science and technology, including knowledge of physics, biology, mathematics, and chemistry.
  • History of state Kerala and knowledge regarding the ancient as well as a modern heritage of the state.
  • Issues related to food security.
  • Empowerment of women during past or present society.
  • Role of non-residents as well as residents of India.

Apart from that, you must check the official website of KPSC to check if there are any new updates in terms of the syllabus. After checking the recommendations online, make a list of the books and invest in some good quality study materials.

Exam pattern

KPSC preliminary, as well as mains examination, happen under strict supervision as well as the guidance of the government. Here is the examination pattern for the mains and preliminary exams.

Preliminary Exam

Paper Subject Marks Medium
Paper I General Studies 100 English
General Studies 50 English
Paper-II Language Proficiency 30 Malayala Tamil/Kannada
Language Proficiency 20 English

Mains Exam

Paper Marks Medium Exam Mode
I 100 English/Malayalam Descriptive
II 100 English/Malayalam Descriptive
III 100 English/Malayalam Descriptive
Interview 50    


Preparation Strategy for Preparing for Kerala PSC in Two Months

You need to prepare for three general papers to qualify for the Kerala PSC exam. These are some important details as per the syllabus.

Week 1 Earth Structure, Rocks, Atmosphere, Temperature, Global Warming, Topographic Maps, Pressure Belts, Rivers, Natural Vegetation, Transport System, Industries and Minerals, Bureaucracy, Protection of old age people, children and women
Week 2 Current Affairs, Technology and Science, Indian Constitution, Political System, International Relations, Public Administration, Social Justice, Socio-Economic Statistics, Union List, Concurrent List, State List
Week 3 Dynasties of India, Socio-political Movements, Kerala Political Parties, Policies and Legislations, India and Neighbors, Independence Struggle, Architecture, and Landmarks NITI Aayog, Agriculture Research,
Week 4 Decolonization and Colonization, Socialism, Capitalism, Industrial Revolution, World War 1 and 2, National Boundaries Redraw, Tax and Non-Tax Revenue, Consumer rights and protection, Fiscal Policy, Budget and Public Expenditure, national Income
Week 5 Folk culture, Theater, Artforms, Tribal Culture of Kerala, Malayalam Literature and Language, Cinema, Sculpture, Architecture Society
Week 6 Fundamental Duties and Rights, State and Parliament Legislatures, Panchayati Raj, federal Structure, Administrative Law, features of Constitution, Public Policy, Foreign Policy of India
Week 7 Basic science, Innovations, Human Body, Community medicine, Technology in Defence and Space, ICT, Biodiversity, Biotechnology Developments
Week 8 Food and Nutrition, National Policies, nature, Environmental Science, Efficiency and Energy Requirement, Current Affairs Parliamentary Principles, Directive Principles

Important Tips for Preparation of Kerala PSC in Two Months

These are the important tips that you must take care of while preparing for Kerala PSC in two months

Have a routine for your exam

The first step is to have a fixed routine. In this way, you will give proper attention to all the general papers. Also, it will help you to complete all your other chores beforehand so you can concentrate on the exam preparation.

Practice Writing

It is a great tip if you really want to score well in Kerala PSC Exam. Because the questions are required to be answered in a limited word count. Thus, practicing with certain questions of writing will help you to frame your answer as per the requirement.

Prepare from High School Books

Another way to prepare for Kerala PSC Exam is by taking help from High School books. You can easily buy a second-hand book of Class 9 and 10 and start studying from there. Along with that, you can also buy different guides on different that can help you prepare for the exam.

Solve Previous Years Question Papers

When solving Kerala PSC Degree level previous year’s question papers available at BYJU’s Exam Prep, you mentally prepare yourself for the exam. You can easily understand the question style and write your answers accordingly. As a result, you can design every answer in your mind while reading the question paper.

Remain Updated with Newspapers and Magazines

This is another point that you must take care of. You must regularly watch the news, read newspapers, current affairs, magazines, etc. It will help you to remain updated across all the different sections such as politics, fashion, entertainment, world news, etc.

Henceforth, these are some important tips that can help you to prepare for the Kerala PSC exams. So, make sure that you strictly follow the above timetable and give your best in the exam.

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